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We're constantly making updates to the platform, you can see some of the highlights below.

Recent Updates: Welcome

December 2022

  • deeper integration with Shopify

  • private launch of analytics dashboards

  • updates to our Shopify integration to support their latest APIs

August 2022

  • set a video watermark that is different to your company logo

  • improved documentation to get you started

  • minor bugfixes

July 2022

  • mobile app performance improvements when loading lots of video tasks

  • increased logo watermark size on videos

  • minor bugfixes

June 2022

  • improved branding UX in admin console

  • major email upgrade - near 100% email delivery rates are achieved now

  • mobile app - enable all users to see all remaining videos to be sent, and when videos are sent they are automatically sent from the user that created the recording

  • mobile app - enable users to only see videos allocated to them (round robin assignment)

May 2022

  • support for Xero integrations (private preview, contact us if you are interested)

  • default "play" icon that end customers see is now translucent green (can be changed in back end upon request to align to your brand)

  • minor Shopify integration bugfix, root cause determined to be an undocumented change made on Shopify's API

April 2022

  • video thumbnail (appears in video to end customer) now shows the first frame of the recorded video

  • further improvements to backend to enhance resiliency related to CICD

  • integration enhancements - maximum delay is now 2 minutes from the time an order is placed in Shopify to when it arrives in the mobile app

March 2022

  • improvements to Shopify merchant onboarding process

  • integration to Raisely built to help charities thank their donors (enquire if interested)

  • major update to mobile UX

Feb 2022

  • admin console UX improvements

  • mobile app UX improvements

  • reliability improvements

Jan 2022

  • WooCommerce integration built

  • support for bulk CSV/XLS file imports of tasks (contact us if interested)

  • enabled merchants to send unlimited amount of test videos to themselves to verify branding their customers will see, and learn how to use the mobile app

November 2021

  • major upgrade of video delivery platform (supports an almost unlimited amount of concurrent video views)

  • significant backend server improvements to offer more scale and performance (easily supports 50k videos/sends day)

October 2021

  • accepted into Shopify App store

  • admin console merged into Shopify Admin console (offers a great user experience for Shopify merchants)

September 2021

  • updated default colours for video landing page, these can be modified in the admin console to suit your brand

  • integrated with Shopify billing platform

  • enable upload of favicon to improve branded experience further

August 2021

  • enhancements to Shopify integration

  • see videos completed in mobile app

  • mobile app - order number is shown in task description

  • mobile app - customer lifetime value shown, in addition to order count (Shopify customers only)

June 2021

  • support for multiple users from a single company

  • video recording tasks distributed evenly on a round robin basis where there are multiple users

May 2021

  • major improvements made to company admin console

  • simplified onboarding experience for new merchants

April 2021

  • see a history of all videos sent to a user in the mobile app, from the video recording page

March 2021

  • enable video tasks to be skipped in the mobile app

  • capture email/video engagement stats

  • admin console launched for company administrators

Feb 2021

  • performance updates when performing database queries

  • moved most of the platform to a microservice architecture to enable easier updates and targeted performance increases

November 2020

  • mobile app launched on iOS and Google Play stores

  • MVP of video delivery platform established

August 2020

  • migrated tech stack away from Heroku (for a bunch of reasons)

  • beta mobile app launched

Jan - June 2020

  • development started

  • idea for CX Video came following  Alex's success with, when he noticed producers had no way of providing a "digital cellar door" experience easily. 

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