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Message ideas: what makes a great thank-you video

Updated: Feb 7, 2023

Sending a thank-you video to your customer is a really great way to build your business, as it helps form an emotional connection between your customer and your brand that keeps them coming back for more.

In fact, one of our customers loves Thank You Video for Shopify that much they sent us a photo of their Shopify admin console performance.

You can see they had a huge 46% increase in repeat sales, over a 10 month comparison period. How good's that?

But what makes a good video? Here we share our tips.

Results from a happy Shopify customer after using CX Video over a 5 month period
Results from a happy Shopify customer after using CX Video over a 5 month period

Tip 1: Be yourself

Sending a 1:1 video to your customer is all about being authentic. What you're aiming to do is show them that you value their business sufficiently high enough to spend the time to say a real thank-you.

The best way to think about how you present yourself when recording is just speak to your customer as if they were with you in person. Share your passion of your product with them, and get them to love it as much as you do.

Image: Etikette Candles bring their brand's personality to their customers in every thank you video they send.

Tip 2: Introduce yourself

When you introduce yourself remember to not only say your name, but also your job title or at least a description of what you do. It helps form an immediate connection for your customer, and adds authority to your message that yes, it's indeed an official thank-you from your business.

A good introduction doesn't need to be long, and it can be as simple as:

"Hi Daniel, it's Sally from Provedore Wines. I'm one of the winemakers here and you can see I'm standing here in our shiraz vineyard here in northern Victoria."

Remember that Thank You Video ensures that your video is sent from your work email address to your customer, so you don't need to worry about handing out your personal details.

Image: CARE Australia use Thank You Video to say thanks to their donors.

Tip 3: Consider your video background

Sending a video is powerful, and it is powerful because the context of where you are filming comes right across to your customer.

So have a think about your background and try and make it relevant to your brand.

Here are some great locations to consider filming from:

  • your storefront or showroom

  • your distribution or packing centre

  • your factory or area where you make your products

  • outside in your vineyard, your coffee plantation and so forth

Also, it's a great opportunity to wear branded clothes such as hats and t-shirts.

Image: Koerner Wine like to record thank you videos to their Shopify customers from their winery.

Tip 4: Tell them something special about what they purchased

We recommend you send your thank-you within a few days of their purchase for maximum impact.

Your customer is looking forward to receiving what they purchased, so jump on that excitement and make their purchase as memorable as possible.

Doing so will help you gain repeat sales from them, more word of mouth referrals, and better engagement metrics in your marketing campaigns.

Image: Icegripper provide tips and seek feedback from the specialist equipment they sell via their Shopify store.

Icegripper like to send thank-you videos from their showroom

Tip 5: Encourage them to reply

When you send a video in email with our app, it appears like it has been sent from your server, and customer replies will go direct to your inbox.

So when you record your video, encourage your customers to reply to the email they have received if they have any questions about the product they purchased. It is super personal and really helps develop a long term relationship.

Here's a great example from a very happy thank you video recipient Koerner Wine kindly shared with us.

Get started today

If you run an online store and you're looking to drive more repeat sales, then check out our thank you video integrations to see if we support your ecommerce platform.

There's even a free trial too!

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