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Seven ways Shopify store owners can say thank you to their customers

Updated: Jul 10, 2022

It's been estimated that e-commerce companies typically see repeat sales to between 20% and 40% - with the rate being about 27% in 2020 (source).

Put another way, 73% of first-time customers don't repurchase, which is a significant and often over looked opportunity for online store owners to drive up their sales easily.

There are many explanations for this, but it has been proven that simply saying thanks, to form a closer bond between your customer and your brand can make a huge impact.

Effort vs Impact of saying thanks

The more personal and authentic your "thank you" is, the more likely it will help you drive up sales.

In the chart below we have identified some of the common ways Shopify store owners say thanks to their customers.

As you can see "saying thanks" can be done in many ways. Here are our favourites:

Ignite Post

Ignite Post sends robotically handwritten thank-you notes to your customers after making a purchase. The handwritten cards are written using an actual ballpoint pen in a specific human handwriting style.

So their printing is indistinguishable from handwriting, and the process is automated. It's a really neat idea, and they have some fantastic customer reviews.

Effort - low

Impact - Ignite Post claim they provide a 9.7x higher conversion rate than email

Cost - $3.99 per handwritten card


Refer A Friend Loyalty App

Refer A Friend helps you create a template based campaign for referrals offers that your visitors can share with friends. These allow your customers to build a referral campaign that encourages them to refer business to you.

Effort - low

Impact - low to medium

Cost - starting at $19/month with a free plan available


CX Video

CX Video enables you to record and send 1:1 thank you videos to your customers. They offer a mobile app and fully automated process, ensuring all you need to spend is 30 seconds to a minute to say thanks per customer.

Effort - medium

Impact - high, and claim 40% increase in repeat purchase rates

Cost - starts at $12.90/month including a free trial


Better Thank You Page

Enables you to build a richer thank you page after your customer has checked out. You can promote your social sites and get customer ratings surveys after their purchase.

Effort - low

Impact - low

Cost - free



Run sales pop email & send automated thank you emails to your customers through their email marketing platform.

Effort - low

Impact - low

Cost - $7/month with free plan available


Manually call or write a handwritten note

You can also simply call or write a note to your customers, just like you would normally, so no app required!

Effort - high

Impact - medium/high

Cost - your time, but it's comparatively quite a lot slower than CX Video

You could also throw in a voucher postcard, which is very low effort, but often it's not hugely impactful - and discounts eat away at your margins.


As you can see, there are many ways to thank your customers who have bought from your Shopify store.

We hope these ideas help you grow your business.

And one final thing - thank-you for reading!

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