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Positive Review for a Marketing Manager

We were delighted to be forwarded this recommendation from one of our new customers. Thanks so much for allowing us to share this!

Subject: Review of "Thank You Video" App

Dear (name removed)

I am pleased to report that our recent use of the "Thank You Video" app has been highly successful in terms of both engagement and results. The following statistics demonstrate the effectiveness of the app:

>80% email open rates

>80% email click-through rates

Typically each video is watched multiple times

15% of emails opened were opened 6 times or more

25% of videos were watched 3 times or more

The above results demonstrate that the "Thank You Video" app is an effective tool for engaging with our customers and encouraging repeat sales.

Notably, the high email open rates and click-through rates indicate that customers are receptive to receiving video content and are more likely to engage with our brand as a result. Additionally, the high repeat view rates indicate that the app is successful in creating a memorable experience that customers are eager to revisit.

In comparison to other email marketing initiatives, the "Thank You Video" app has shown superior performance. For example, typical email open rates are around 20%, with click-through rates averaging around 2-3%. By contrast, our use of the "Thank You Video" app has yielded email open and click-through rates of 80%.

These results demonstrate that the app is highly effective in capturing and retaining customers' attention.

Furthermore, the case study they shared with us of a winery's success in increasing repeat sales by 46% is a testament to the power of the "Thank You Video" app in building customer loyalty and driving revenue growth.

Based on the above results, I highly recommend the continued use of the "Thank You Video" app in our marketing strategy. Its effectiveness in engaging customers and driving results make it a valuable tool for our brand.

Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns.

Best regards,

(Name removed)

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