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Mobile App Updates - October 22

I have pushed through an update to the Thank You Video mobile app (renaming from CX Video) – thought I’d summarise the updates below.

This is a seamless update, so no app-store refreshes/updates are required. Just note you need to close & reopen your app to trigger the automatic download. You will see Version 1.1.24 at the bottom of the home screen when the update has applied (give it a minute or two).

Performance improvements

  • The app now consistently runs faster on both iOS and Android, particularly for stores who have high volumes (i.e. greater than 20 orders/day).

  • You will more easily see the status of videos being uploaded and if there were any issues sending.

  • Remember to keep your app open when uploading, and if you do have a failed send you can always just hit the “resend” button – there is no need for you to re-record it.

Refresh Orders

You can now refresh orders from the server directly from the mobile app. Just press the “Refresh Orders” button on the app home screen. Handy if you have high volumes and want to ensure you have said thanks to orders while you’re focused on sending out your recordings.

If you have just sent a video, hold off from hitting this button until it has dropped off your task list – that way you won’t lose your great video that hasn’t yet made it up into the cloud!


I’ve improved the layout and information contained in the “insights” screen. You can now click on recent sends to watch your video again, and can see open/click through rates straight from your app for recent sends.

Skip a video

You can skip sending a video to a contact simply by swiping and pressing the “Skip” bin icon.

Improved Menu Access

To access the menu swipe slowly from the left of the screen.

Time filters

You can now filter your orders based on the last update Thank You Video received from your ecommerce platform – typically when your order was placed or fulfilled.

What’s next?

Dashboards! A lot of people have asked me for visual insights into the performance of Thank You Videos, and while I’m at it, have decided to provide you some great insights about your sales and repeat orders that you cannot usually get unless you pay for other software.

I’m aiming for you to see these land in your admin console towards the end of October.

Keep it authentic!


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