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How to send a thank you video with your Shopify store

Updated: Feb 11, 2023

The simple 5 step process to send a thank you video

Why send a thank you video via email?

Video emails have higher open rates and are more likely to get a response than their text-based counterparts.

In fact Thank You Video on average sees 90%+ open rates and often 80% click-through rates on their video emails - that's pretty good engagement!

The Thank You Video app has been designed for online stores to quickly send personal videos to their customers. It's quick and easy, and we'll show you how below.

Send a video through email using Thank You Video

With Thank You Video you can record and share video through email instantly.

Simply install the Thank You Video app into your Shopify store, and then as you make a sale, the orders flow to your free companion mobile app.

Step 1: Make a sale on Shopify

Once your sale has processed, all the important details you need to know in order to record a thank-you are sent to your mobile app (available on iOS & Android).

Image: Once your order has been paid, Thank You Video will be notified within 2 minutes.

Step 2: Select the order you wish to send a thank-you video to

Once you've logged into the mobile app, click the "Videos to Send" to see what is in your to-do list.

In the screenshot below, you can see there are four orders allocated. You can prioritize which people to send a video to, by selecting the filters (although based on high engagement rates, we recommend send them all a thank-you).

Let's look at the top order for Alana. She purchased four separate products, has a customer lifetime value of $490, it's her second order, and has been fulfilled.

This looks like a good one, so let's send a video to her now by touching it to load the recording screen.

Step 3: Follow the script and record your thank you video

Simply press the red "record" icon to record a video.

To save research time, everything you need to know to send a meaningful thank you to Alana is right here in front of you.

Referring to the screenshot below, you can see the email address this video will be sent to, the order total of $285, Alana's customer lifetime value, and where her wine's going to be delivered.

As we can see what she purchased, we can tell her about how her wine was made, or perhaps some food suggestions to accompany it.

Finally, you can thank her for her second order given she's a return customer.

Step 4: Review & send your video via email

Press the "play" icon on the recording screen to go to the review & send screen, shown below.

At the top and bottom is the branding that will be applied to both the email and landing page when Alana clicks to view the video. You'll notice the Thank You Video branding in the screenshot below, this can be changed to anything you wish.

You can watch the video you made, alternatively simply press the green icon to send this video.

While your video is uploading you can view the remaining orders you need to send thank-you's for.

If you're in an area with good 4 or 5G coverage we recommend you switch off wifi, as these mobile networks usually enable you to upload faster.

For best results, leave your mobile app open, until your video uploads have completed.

Bonus Step: What your customer sees

Once your video has been uploaded, the task will drop off the list in your mobile app, and within about 30 seconds an email will land in your customer's inbox, inviting them watch your video.

You can see a sample here from Koerner Wine. What you'll notice is the fully branded experience:

  • The Koerner Wine logo shows at the top

  • If the logo is clicked, the viewer is directed to the Koerner Wine web site

  • The footer image is on-brand and from the Koerner web site

You can make your company branding exactly how you like within the Shopify admin console, per the screenshot below.

It's easy to send video messages via email to your customers!

So, as you can see, it's really easy to send one to one video messages to each of your customers.

We're finding these resonate far better than any other marketing activities, particularly when it comes to driving up your repurchase rates, and alongside being quick and easy to record, it's actually quite fun to do too.

You can view the Thank You Video app listing in the Shopify Marketplace below, and it's a one-click install if you wish to get started. Remember there is a free trial period too!

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