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The challenges to consider when creating a thank you video message

Video emails have higher open rates and are more likely to get a response than their text-based counterparts.

In fact across our platform we consistently see 80% email open rates and 80% click-through rates, with around 2.4 click-through's per email. That's pretty good engagement in anyone's book.

That said, unless you automate the process, sending a thank you video can be hard.

When you think about it, recording a private video is only a small part of the challenge, the bigger question is, how do you deliver it to your customer?

8 reasons why it is hard to send a thank you video unless you automate

  1. Embed video in an email - how does the video get uploaded from where you recorded it into an email?

  2. Large attachments & avoiding spam folders - videos cannot be sent as attachments, as they will hit email filters, impacting your email deliverability rates.

  3. The time required to construct and send each email - manually attaching a video to an email takes time, plus of course writing the email. Automation here is key.

  4. Managing streaming quality - your customers all have different levels of bandwidth. Videos need to be streamed in a format called "adaptive bit rate", to ensure they can be watched irrespective of the bandwidth available to your customer.

  5. Providing an on-brand experience - to maximise open rates, Videos need to be branded and ideally watermarked, so your customer knows that it is authentic and intended for them.

  6. Minimising research time - the biggest time waster when recording a video is not actually recording it (most videos sent through Thank You Video are less than a minute). What takes time is figuring out what to say, so ideally you need a tool that prompts you with everything you need to know.

  7. Developing a script - once you have researched your customer, you then need to summarise your learnings in a script that you can refer to when recording.

  8. Playback device compatibility - there are a few major formats of video, and not all work on all devices. So before they go to your customer, you need to ensure they are viewable irrespective of their device.

How Thank You Video automates the process of creating a thank you video message

We are proud to offer the best way to record a thank you video for online stores, and we have done that by automating the process to make it good business sense to record a thank you video for each of your customers.

Challenge in making a thank you video

How we help you overcome this challenge

Embed video in an email

Uploads are sent directly from your mobile app to our video processing servers, where it is processed and sent to your customer. You don't need to manually "attach" the video to an email yourself, saving you a lot of time.

Large attachments & avoiding spam folders

A thumbnail image of your video is automatically generated and embedded in your email. Your online store customers simply click the thumbnail to watch your video from any web browser. This method typically passes through email filters without concern, maximising email delivery rates.

​The time required to construct and send each email

Thank You Video automates the entire process of embedding and sending a thank you video message to your customers. Some Shopify stores are sending upwards of 45 videos an hour with just one person, so over a year you can easily reach many thousands of customers.

Managing streaming quality

Every video we serve is converted to a "stream" - similar to how you watch YouTube or Netflix - but private and for your customer only. Our streaming platform automatically adjusts to your customer's available bandwidth using "adaptive bitrate streaming", ensuring they can easily watch your video from any web browser, irrespective of what speed their internet connection is.

Providing an on-brand experience

During the automated production process we ensure every video you create is branded to your exact requirements. Your brand is watermarked on the video, and each video is then embedded into a private landing page for your customer that closely matches your website. This way you can be assured of a professional and on-brand customer experience for every send.

Minimising research time

Thank You Video integrates with popular ecommerce sites. Every time you make a sale everything that will help you with your research is sent to Thank You Video. We then assemble this information for you to help with recording.

Developing a script

We auto-generate a thank you video script for you with the information we collect from our integrations. When recording your message you will see valuable insights about your customer including their livetime value, items purchased, billing location and shipping status. This way you can make a personalized and impactful video for every customer quickly and easily.

​Playback device compatibility

​To ensure your video can be played back by your customer from whichever device they are on, we ensure your video is converted to every popular streaming format. Additionally it is embedded inside a dedicated landing page for your customer, meaning they can simply view it from any web browser.

So now you know that it is easy to say thanks to your customers, learn how you can create a thank you video with our app.

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