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Best Shopify Video Apps (2022)

Updated: Jun 26, 2022

Hubspot claim 36% of marketers say their primary goal is to increase brand awareness and reach more customers using video. Additionally, 57% in 2022 claimed video was a top priority.

Here are our picks for the best video apps you can install on your Shopify store to help you connect with your customers.


1. Minta Automated Social Videos

Key Highlights

  • access your library of ready-for-social videos & designed image posts

  • automatic background removal makes videos look stunning on social media and store listings

  • automatic social posting on TikTok, Facebook, Insta & Pinterest

  • automatic generation of videos and images for new product launches


2. Video Ad Machine

Key Highlights

  • turn product images into engaging creatives to drive sales

  • set up campaigns with a simple editor

  • test multiple ad variants to drive improved ROAS

  • easily connects to your Facebook Ads account


3. VideoWise - Shoppable Videos

Key Highlights

  • Import your TikTok feed, Instagram stories, YouTube videos or upload your own video

  • Make your videos shippable and use their interactive video player to boost engagement

  • Optimised for mobile, including TikTok-like swipe up video experience


4. - Promo Video Maker

Key Highlights

  • Enhance your storefront with engaging videos showcasing your products

  • Easy to make videos that boost conversion rates by 50%

  • Publish your videos anywhere (Facebook, Insta, Youtube etc)


5. CX Video

Key Highlights

  • Enables Shopify store owners to record 1:1 thank you videos after making a purchase

  • Deliver up to 40% increases in customer repurchase rates

  • Includes free mobile app (Android & iOS) to enable you to record from anywhere

  • Speed tested: no impact to your online store

  • Average 5 stars reviews

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